The big, recently released Star Wars mobile game is getting its first wave of new content.

Netmarble is updating Star Wars: Force Arena, its head-to-head strategy battler, on iOS and Android today. This patch is the publisher’s first major attempt to bring changes to the game, and that means a shift in how seasons work, new units, and an upgraded user interface. Force Arena plays a lot like Supercell’s 2016 mobile hit Clash Royale, but it features hero characters like Han Solo and Boba Fett that players control and use in conjunction with grunts like Rebel soldiers and Stormtroopers. Updates like this keep the game running smoothly, but it should also potentially bring lapsed players back to the game and get them spending money on the microtransactions.

One of the biggest changes to Force Awakens is how its reward system works. These balance tweaks will increase the likelihood that players will get powerful units that can compete at a higher level. New units are the other major tweak. Force Arena now has an Aqualish Engineer and Wed Treadwell Droid, which can each repair turret units for the Rebel Alliance and the Empire, respectively.

“We are happy to announce an upgraded reward system into Star Wars: Force Arena, which will give players more gold packs and leader cards,” Netmarble chief marketing officer Seungwon Lee said in a statement. “The two new characters will bring in more strategy into the game as we expect more players to enjoy and have fun and play with their favorite Star Wars characters.”

Additional changes to Force Arena include improvements to guilds, trading, and the tutorial.

Star Wars: Force Arena gets first big update as Netmarble adds new units, improves rewards