“The Sims 4” will offer players some Christmas spirit in-game with the release of the “Holiday Celebration Pack”. The new feature comes with lots of new items and goodies that should set the mood right for the Yuletide season plus some bug fixes to boot.

Among the new items included in the “Holiday Celebration Pack” for “The Sims 4” include stuff like a holiday table, a fireplace, nutcrackers, and a centerpiece. The patch notes detail the new changes for the game, most expected to make game play a whole lot more enjoyable.

“The Sims 4” players will need to download the latest version of the game to see the changes. The update should automatically take place but gamers need not worry in case it doesn’t.

All “The Sims 4” players need to do is right-click on the game title and select “Update”. Take note that mods and customized content will temporarily be disabled once the update is applied. Players can simply re-enable them once everything has settled down, per reports.

Looking through the patch notes for “The Sims 4”, a lot of bugs have finally been addressed. The list includes things like dishes placed outside boundaries, seeing a residential lot with to a generic type of a lot, and character behaviors. The complete patch notes can be viewed at Sims Community Info.

The “Holiday Celebration Pack” for “The Sims 4” follows the success of the previously released paid add-on “City Living”. While that add-on offered lots of things to do, “The Sims 4” gamers can look forward to more content to set the mood and tone of their Sims for the Holiday season.

It should be interesting to see if these new content can help improve “The Sims 4”. As most know, EA has been trying to make ends meet by adding content to the game which sorely faltered in terms of sales which places the fate of “The Sims 5” on shallow waters as mentioned in a previous post.

‘The Sims 4’ Latest News & Update: Holiday Celebration Pack Released Alongside Bug Fixes, Details Here!