If you’ve ever played Pokemon and thought, “This would be better if it was the same but blockier and in Minecraft,” then today might be your lucky day. Pokemon Cobalt and Amethyst is a fan-made project which is now playable inside Minecraft on PC/Mac.

The add-on, which has been developed by a group of modders headed up by Phoenix SC, includes a whole new map: the Suliqu region. It includes unofficial Pokemon, a custom soundtrack, and a whole new plot to follow.

Everything is, of course, made within the constraints of Minecraft–so battles, conversations, and more are all a little more blocky than your average Pokemon game.

To have a look for yourself, check it out here, or take a look at the video above.

Cobalt and Amethyst is not the first fan-made Pokemon game. A number of standalone Pokemon titles have been made by community members, though a number of them have shut down.

Minecraft’s latest official update brought new mobs, blocks, and wings to consoles, while the game is confirmed to be coming to Nintendo Switch.

Minecraft was also recently updated to add new skins and environments from the Fallout franchise, and got a new soundtrack from composer Gareth Coker.

Pokemon’s latest mainline games, Sun and Moon, recently became compatible with Pokemon Bank. Another Pokemon game has also launched, seemingly out of nowhere, and today is Mewtwo’s birthday, apparently.

Pokemon Is Now Playable In Minecraft (Sort Of)