We have just picked up a new achievement for Minecraft, related to the incoming Bedrock Update

There is 1 achievement worth a total of 20 Gamerscore, none of which are secret. You can check out the details below.

The achievement is also being added to the following versions of the game:

Note that the Apple TV, Xbox 360 and original Xbox One editions of the game will not receive this update. 

The achievement is tied to the incoming Bedrock update which adds a crossbow, three new enchantments, shield crafting, a loom (which we suspect will be needed for the achievement), a lectern and a lantern — plus a new type (breed? flavour?) of cat called Jellie, as picked by the community. A new enemy mob, the Pillager, is headed into the game too — but only in Creative Mode for the time being. The update from Mojang warns that with the new update, HD textures on mobile devices are causing crashes. It’s recommended that the HD textures are disabled until the developers get to the bottom of the issue.

Are you ready to jump back in to all of those versions for another precious Minecraft achievement? Let us know in the comments! Don’t forget, the latest Xbox One version — simply named Minecraft — is headed to Xbox Game Pass next month if you have yet to get around to that stack.