The iconic techno venue Berghain in Berlin, Germany — considered a mecca of dance music — has been brought to life inside the game of Minecraft.

With exceptional attention to detail, one player has completely recreated the dance landmark, thus bringing a unique and rarely seen night life experience to countless others from all corners of the earth. The only thing that seems to be missing is the steady thumping of music and the doorman that decides your fate.

The aesthetic of Berghain, even in virtual form, is beyond astounding. This person obviously dedicated an insane amount of time to the project, allowing players to access the elite establishment anytime they so desire — even without a passport or a flight.

To tour Berghain via Minecraft, watch below.

Berghain Minecraft Tour

Berghain on Minecraft

Someone’s made a version of Berghain on Minecraft and it’s incredibly detailed.

Posted by Mixmag on Tuesday, June 4, 2019