Talk about a blast from the past — a long lost Commodore 64 classic is making its way to the Nintendo Switch for a great, low price. And with a few remastered features, no less.

Saboteur! originally released for the fan favorite system way back in 1985, bringing the kind of ninja action that you just don’t see in games anymore. But now you will again, as the game is set to debut on the Switch for just $8 with this Thursday’s forthcoming update.

The game has been remastered by its original creator, Clive Townsend, but as you can see from the trailer above, it retains its old-school goodness as you clean house with your badass ninja.

“Now after 33 years, SimFabric, in collaboration with Clive Townsend prepared (a) special remastered version of Saboteur! for Nintendo Switch. In the game you’ll experience original mission from (the) 1985 version. Additionally the story will continue with new levels and enemies. Now you’ll be able to know more about Saboteur and his dark and secret story,” the developer announced on its page, in loose translation.

As for the special features you can expect from the game, here’s the breakdown:

Original mission from 1985 in two versions ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64
New levels
New enemies
New story
New soundtrack and music
Over 10 hours of gameplay
5 times bigger than original version
9 retro consoles graphic modes
8 language versions
22 special achievements
Secrets and easter eggs to reveal

The official product page for Saboteur! can be found here, jam-packed with old-school action. It’s certainly something for Commodore fans to get excited about, as if the just released stand-alone plug and play system wasn’t enough.

Check out the trailer above and get into a retro frame of mind. NINJA!

Saboteur! releases on November 9, and, again, goes for just $8.00. If you’re looking for more ninja excitement for the Nintendo Switch, make sure you check out The Messenger from Devolver Digital as well. It’s pretty awesome, as you can find out in our full review.

Now then…how about some Ninja Gaiden love for Switch, Nintendo? We certainly could use more of it aside from NIntendo Switch Online…