You know all those jokes about building a version of Minecraft inside Minecraft? Well…

YouTuber SethBling has plenty of cool Minecraft videos on his channel. He’s made a Katamari Data Pack, which lets him roll up animals into a ball. He’s made what is essentially a 3D printer that creates Polaroids.

Perhaps most impressively, he made an Atari 2600 emulator within Minecraft back in 2016. And now, he’s made…well, Minecraft. But in 2D.

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When SethBling opens the chest, the squares inside it are now populated by different Minecraft elements that ultimately make up a playable 2D version of the full game, complete with a playable Steve would can move and jump through it.

When Seth clicks on a ‘tree’ enough times, it gets added to his inventory, which is a whole separate screen. He’s built a house in there and everything. Early on he encounters a ‘lake’ (the blocks are blue to indicate water) and needs to use wood he has collected from trees to make a crossing. It’s wild.

Obviously it’s fairly restricted, but it’s also pretty damn impressive, and SethBling takes time to go over how he did it in the video. There’s a download link included on the YouTube page if you want to check it out for yourself. It’ll only work with Minecraft on PC, of course.