Bees have found their way into Minecraft. These adorable creatures are beneficial for helping plants grow faster, and they’re a social animal who communicate with others of their species. You can breed these creatures, and learn about their behaviors and where to find them in these handy guides. But how do you harvest their honey? We’re going to discuss that feature right here, detailing how to collect honey and honeycombs from a bee nest.

Collecting Honey and Honeycombs From a Bee Nest in Minecraft

Collecting Honey by Hand 

You can harvest honey from a bee’s nest by walking up to it with an empty bottle and picking it out, using the item. The empty bottle is going to fill up with the honey for you to take away, consume, or use how you want. However, there’s a catch: the bees are going to become immediately hostile to you when you steal their honey. You’re going to need to run away, and if they sting you, they’re going to die shortly afterward because honey bees do not live long without their stinger inside them.

To prevent the bees from dying and attacking you, place a campfire underneath the nest. Doing so turns the bees passive, preventing them from attacking you, and you get to ensure they can collect more honey for you in the future.

Collecting Honeycombs

Unfortunately, you can’t locate a bee nest in Minecraft and expect to grab honeycombs as quickly as you would the honey. When you collect honeycombs from a bee nest, you’re going to destroy the home. But, you’re going to need those honeycombs to make a beehive for yourself. You’re going to need a particular tool to collect the delicious reward inside a bee’s home.

You need to make a tool that has the silk touch enchantment on it. Doing so prevents the materials of the bee nest from getting destroyed, allowing you to take the honeycombs. You can then use them in other recipes, or make a series of beehives to give the bees a new home in your backyard or near your garden.