Good luck

While Microsoft already tried to sweeten Sony on the Minecraft crossplay deal before their E3 announcement, it was to no avail. They had already gotten Apple, Google, and Nintendo on board with the concept, but currently market leader Sony seemingly didn’t want anything to do with it.

A new FAQ dealing with the “Better Together” update however informs us that Microsoft is still trying to win them over, stating: “While we are thrilled to be able to confirm the new version of Minecraft is coming to Nintendo Switch, we are still in discussions with Sony about PlayStation and have nothing to confirm. We would love to work with Sony to bring players on PlayStation 4 into this ecosystem as well.”

This isn’t necessarily a new development, but the idea that Microsoft is still trying is encouraging. Maybe they’ll cut some under the table deal where Sony gets a bigger taste of Minecraft sales? Who knows, I just hope it happens at some point.

Because then we can start talking Rocket League full crossplay across all platforms and so on. It would be a brave new world with giant playerbases and lengthy support cycles. Pretty much every developer I’ve spoken to over the past few years has wanted it, and so do the players.

Microsoft says it’s still trying to get Sony on board with Minecraft crossplay