Minecraft is holding a contest right now that gives one lucky player the chance to have their cat featured in the building game.

There’s already a collection of animals in Minecraft that players can breed, tame, and use for various resources, but the newest Minecraft contest will add a cat that’s quite familiar to at least one person. Mojang shared news of the contest on Saturday with a post that said Minecraft is calling for everyone’s best cat pictures.

“All you have to do to enter is take a photo or video of the cat you think deserves to be in Minecraft, then share it on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #Minecraftcatcontest,” the contest details said.

Along with the full details on Minecraft’s contest, the post said that people have until November 12th to submit their cat contest contributions. After narrowing the choices down to three different options, players will then vote on which of the three cats they think should be added to the game.

Voting will take place on November 16th with the winner chosen on November 19th, but players can go ahead and start submitting their cat pictures now. People have already started doing so with some of the best cat contestants that we’ve seen shown below.

“Mustache Cat” sounds like the perfect name for a Minecraft mob anyway, so this cat submission already has a decent chance of winning the cat contest. The furball of a cat already got a decent amount of attention on Twitter with the contest just beginning recently as well.

Instead of sharing an image of a house cat, a user submitted a picture of an actual lion. It’s not a likely winner seeing how it’s not sticking within the contest’s rules, but it’s still a viable suggestion for Minecraft to one day add much larger cats to the game.

Doing some of Mojang’s work for them, one Twitter user submitted images of what their cat would look like if it were added in-game. Pictures of the actual cat weren’t provided, but it gives an idea of what a player’s cat would look like in Minecraft.

Moving away from the stream of cat photos, one player had a different idea: Create a cat version of an existing mob. The Twitter user above submitted an idea for a “Puffercatfish” that tweaks the Pufferfish added in Update Aquatic and mixes it with a cat.

Another unlikely submission but one that’s still unique, Bongo Cat was of course suggested to capitalize on the relatively new meme. Bongo Cat has been turned into many things before, but never a Minecraft mob, so even if Mojang doesn’t add it, players will likely find some way to mod in their own version of the musical cat.