Minecraft players who have ideas for some innovative cosplay creations can win themselves prizes that include a free trip to Minecon Earth by submitting the idea in a costume contest.

If you tuned in for last year’s Minecon Earth event, you’ll already have an idea of what this contest is all about. Like any other cosplay contest, all you have to do is come up with your best costume idea, but it has to be centered around Minecraft. The game’s site has a page set up for Minecon Earth’s details and gives an overview of the contest.

“Do you have an idea for an amazing cosplay costume, and the passion to create it? We would love to see it!” the Minecon Earth site says. “Start prepping your masterpiece and submit it before August 3rd for a chance to win awesome prizes! The best contributions will get a free trip to MINECON to participate at the live streamed award ceremony!”

The video above comes from last year’s Minecon Earth event and shows some of the best cosplay competitors that took that stage for the 2017 contest. You don’t have to be at Minecon to participate in the first part of this contest though with the Minecon Earth Costume Contest taking place online as players submit their best creations and hope for a shot at being flown out to Minecon Earth in Boston.

“As a crafty Minecraft-er, we know that building is one thing you do best, and we want to see your creative costume-building skills IRL! Enter now to upload photo(s) of your MINECON costume and earn a chance to win a trip to MINECON Earth in Boston, Massachusetts. We can’t wait to see it!”

To submit your Minecraft cosplay to the contest for consideration, all you have to do is head to this page and fill out some personal info. After registering on the Minecon Earth Costume Contest site, you’ll have to submit images of your cosplay creation so that the judges can compare your ideas to other costumes. You’ve got until August 3 to submit an idea which should leave plenty of time to gather enough cardboard and other resources that you need for the creation, but after that date, the contest will be closed to more applicants.

Minecon Earth 2018 takes place on September 29.

Minecraft Costume Contest Offers Free Trip to Minecon Earth