Mojang is making some notable tweaks to Minecraft: Education Edition to help make the learning tool even more accessible. 

Designed specifically for classrooms, Minecraft: Education Edition was created to help educators teach a variety of subjects including computer science, chemistry, mathematics, and coding. 

An upcoming update with bolster the game with the addition of an Immersive Reader, which will help readers of all abilities understand in-game text such as character dialogue, settings, and boards. 

As the video above shows, the reader will break down sentences word-by-word and even read them aloud to students. It also contains Minecraft-specific images such as ‘Creeper’ and ‘Mooshroom’ to ensure aren’t left baffled by the game-specific lingo. 

The dev team has also improved multiplayer and classroom management with a Single Sign-on (SSO) option to allow for one-click authentication. It should make for a more simplified and faster class login experience, and was implemented to streamline the process for younger students specifically. 

Finally, new educator resources and free training programs will be added to help teachers properly get to grips with the title, allowing them to more effectively impart worldly wisdom.

The new features will arrive as part of the Back to School 2019 update. Those interested in the Education Edition can find out more on the official Minecraft blog.