Minecraft’s annual celebration of all things blocky and worth building is coming up soon when Minecon Live kicks off on September 28th. During that event, players who are there and those who are watching from home will be able to have their say on a player-driven update that’ll affect the game’s biomes. One biome is being updated, the Minecraft team announced, and it’ll be up to players to decide which one it’ll be.

A post on the Minecraft site set the stage for Minecon Live and introduce players to this year’s vote for the biome updates. The three biomes that’ll be eligible for votes during the Minecraft event are the Swamp, Mountains, and Badlands biomes. Each of them will be updated at some point, but players get to decide which one will be updated first.

It hasn’t been announced yet how players will vote for their preferred biome, but we know from the announcement that you’ll have to tune into the actual event on September 28th at 12 p.m. ET to cast your vote. Minecraft has run votes in the past, sometimes through Twitter, so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to follow them there in preparation for the event.


Let’s transform a biome! On Sept 28, vote during MINECON Live and choose between Swamp, Mountains, or Badlands to decide which Minecraft biome we will update next! Learn more about what we have in store, and how you can vote:

http://redsto.ne/biomevote #MINECON

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Minecraft players also won’t be expected to go into the votes without knowing anything about how the biomes will look once the decision has been made. In the weeks leading up to the event, videos will be shared by the Minecraft team to offer previews of the updated versions of these biomes. New mobs, features, and mechanics were some of what was promised in the video above, and those videos should start rolling out soon to show off the biomes.0COMMENTS

In the past, Minecraft has added more content to the game based on players’ votes. The best example of this is the Minecon event from 2017 which was then called Minecon Earth where players were able to choose what mob would be added to the game next. The community chose something which was then called “Mob B” and is now known as the “Phantom” in Minecraft. The undead mob flies around the night skies and gets spooked by cats. Speaking of cats in Minecraftanother contest held in 2018 added one player’s cat to the game.

Minecraft’s live event will take place on September 28th, so look for the biome videos ahead of that date to prepare for your vote.