One of the best-selling games of all-time, Minecraft, continues to set new benchmarks almost 10 years after release.

Nearly 10 years after initially releasing to the public, Mojang’s Minecraft is still setting new sales milestones.

Just recently, Minecraft’s PC version specifically has now passed 30 million copies sold worldwide. The official Minecraft website keeps track of this data in a ticker at the bottom of the webpage stating how many copies of the title have been purchased. As of the past day, that ticker finally turned past 30 million.

Even though this surely isn’t much of a surprise to many at this point, it’s still insane when you put it in perspective compared to other gaming properties. Minecraft’s PC sales alone surpass some lifetime sales for entire franchises that have multiple sequels and other various installments.

To date, Minecraft as a whole across all platforms has sold over 100 million copies and is one of the best-selling games ever made. For a game with such humble and small beginnings, it’s a success story for Mojang that likely will never be matched again. Even a game like Fornite, which is probably the biggest video game since Minecraft took off, has the backing of Epic, which was already a rather large company to begin with. Whether you like Minecraft or not, you can’t deny its meteoric rise over the past decade.

As for what’s next with Minecraft, the game today arrived on Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft’s subscription service for the Xbox One. There’s also a movie currently in the works as well at Warner Bros.

If you somehow haven’t gotten in on the Minecraft craze for yourself yet, it’s available on pretty much every platform imaginable. Go download it and build yourself a cool house, or something.