It’s not quite Prince of Persia or Infinite Warfare, but it was a rather big bug, as is the double jump that’s come in as well.

Minecraft recently got an update in which a new bug was introduced allowing players to run along walls (not like Prince of Persia – more like strolling alongside one as if there was a ledge present), and as reported by the likes of PCGamesN, this has been discovered by the community and shared online.This ad will end in 30 seconds

Despite a lot of players actually liking this feature, Mojang has released a blog post revealing that walking on walls is now “partially fixed” as players now fall slowly when moving against a wall instead. They also explain that a double jump has been added as part of a “very cool” bug, although creepers and zombies can double jump too, which is less cool for your safety.

Player and mob hitboxes don’t interact with walls correctly either, and there are a few other examples of issues that have arisen with this update (called a snapshot), so it’s likely these will continue to be tweaked. That said, with the community enjoying some of these bugs perhaps they might become a feature in the future.

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