Message Stickers are an interesting idea that Apple is still pushing, although I'm not sure how popular they are, especially game-specific ones. However, when Mojang and Microsoft make Minecraft Stickers [$1.99], I think it's a pretty safe bet to say many gamers are going to grab them. These animated Minecraft stickers bring to your phone all kinds of Minecraft creatures, from disgruntled creepers to Zombies knocking on doors to pigs in minecarts. And there are also exploding TNT, a poor, rejected iron golem, a pet wolf, a sad ghast, and many, many more.

While not everyone will go for them, I'd surprised if these stickers don't find their way to many phones, especially since they are a great way to describe your Minecraft adventures. The sticker pack costs $1.99 and is available now.

‘Minecraft Stickers' Will Let You Add a Creeper To Every Conversation