Marcus “Notch” Persson will be forever known as the creator of Minecraft. The game is currently one of the most popular indie-to-mainstream games in history. However, it seems like Notch’s legacy will be erased from the laurels of history. In a recent update by Mojang, many references to Marcus were deleted from the game.

Mojang Deletes Minecraft Creator’s References from the Game

All references to Notch have been removed from Minecraft

Mojang recently released an update for Minecraft. The update removed all references to Notch on the game’s main screen. As such, messages like “Made by Notch!”, “The Work of Notch!”, or “110813!” were deleted from the game. For those curious, 110813 is actually the date of Marcus’s own wedding.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that Marcus “Notch” Persson’s name was removed from Minecraft entirely. In fact, the name of the game’s creator will continue appearing on the game’s credits sequence. Not only that, the update has only been applied to the Bedrock version of the game. However, 4J Studios seems to be working on a patch for the console version.

A small update for Minecraft: Console Editions will be rolling out over the next few days to make some changes to splash text.6809:00 PM – Mar 19, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacy198 people are talking about this

It’s certainly not strange to see this sort of development happen. Marcus stopped working on Minecraft ever since 2014. Back then, Notch sold the rights of the game to Microsoft in exchange of $2.5 Million USD. Ever since then, Mojang and Microsoft have been in charge of the creative sandbox game. Nowadays, the game is available for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, and even last gen consoles!

Why do you think Notch’s references were removed from Minecraft? Do you think Mojang should’ve been able to do this to begin with? What are your favorite things to do in the game? What’s your opinion on Minecraft? Do you own the game in any of the consoles? Let us know your thoughts on the VGR Forums and stay tuned for more news and updates.