Bethesda silently updated DOOM today for the Nintendo Switch, adding in a bunch of new improvements and gameplay updates.

One of these unexpected features was the addition of motion controls, giving Switch owners a unique way to kill hordes of demons on the go.

The controls work in a similar way to Nintendo’s Splatoon 2 games. When players move the console, Doom guy aim tracks the movement. The left analog stick still controls movement but physically moving the Switch is the only way to aim with the crosshairs.

Motion controls had been a widely requested feature since the game launched on Nintendo Switch a few months ago, so it’s good to see Bethesda actively listening to the community and making constant changes to the game post-launch.

Alongside the new motion controls, Bethesda has also added a multiplayer party system to the game to make it easier for people to group with their friends on online deathmatches.

The update also added a bunch of improvements to the overall experience, fixing a ton of bugs that once crashed the game and improving the overall performance of DOOM in both docked and handheld modes.

New DOOM update on Switch adds motion controls, multiplayer parties, and more