If you’re getting tired of being confined to the world of Minecraft, Microsoft and Mojang have some good news for you. This summer, Minecraft is entering the real-world thanks to augmented reality, mobile devices, and the Minecraft Earth app.

As the FAQ explains, Minecraft Earth is Minecraft, but as it appears in the real-world thanks to the use of augmented reality. Think Pokemon Go, but on a much larger scale and the with ability to “build creations with friends and place them in the real world at life-size.” Essentially, we’re being offered the Minecraft version of your location, be that at home, school, or wherever you choose to frequent.

Minecraft Earth will be made available for iOS and Android because those platforms make the most sense for augmented reality. To begin with, a closed beta will run on both platforms and starts in the summer. Hundreds of thousands of people will be allowed to play, but you must be at least 18 to participate. Simply sign up and cross your fingers if you want to take part.

Microsoft is giving no hint as to how long the closed beta will last, but it has confirmed Minecraft Earth will be free to play and also free of loot boxes. So expect the same Minecraft experience you enjoy today, but with a real-world, augmented reality twist.

Clearly, Minecraft Earth is the next big phase of the world’s expansion. However, last week the original Minecraft was made available to play in web browsers. You can therefore play Minecraft Classic while waiting for Earth to launch.