NINTENDO Switch users have discovered a strange new bug that has cropped up since the Minecraft release date.

Nintendo Switch owners have been hit with a strange new bug since the release of Minecraft Switch Edition.

According to reports, the Nintendo Switch appears to be capturing screenshots at random.”I've been noticing an issue lately where the Nintendo Switch will take a random screenshot while in the main operating system menus or in-game without touching or pressing the screenshot capture button at all,” reads a Nintendo forum post (via IGN).”I noticed this all started happening after installing Minecraft Nintendo Switch Edition when it started taking random screenshots while in-game.

“I figured it was maybe a Minecraft bug, but then it was taking the random screenshots within the Switch's operating system menus while the Minecraft app was closed and not running.

“So now it is very slowly filling up my storage with screen captures that I never took.”

Bizarrely, the issue first cropped up during a Minecraft developer livestream, although it doesn't seem to be limited to the app.

Nintendo is yet to officially acknowledge the issue, but fans can expect a fix soon.


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