We like Overwatch, we like hilarious cat videos … put the two together and we just had the happiest heart attack known to man! For those that may not know, Ashe is the latest hero now available in the Blizzard FPS but it was her Ultimate, B.O.B, that stole the show with his glorious robotic mustache. And yes – he still has it in cat form and oh my god, we’re only squealing a little bit, I promise.

Not only is the video too precious for words, but it’s made even better when you know that B.O.B was actually a joke to start with and only made it into the game officially after pushing hard for his presence.

We sat down with Overwatch lead writer Michael Chu during the BlizzCon celebration earlier this month to talk about B.O.B following the immediate fan reaction towards our new mustachio’d friend. Chu mentioned that they had been tinkering with his idea for awhile but it quickly became apparent that he needed to be in the game in a more official capacity the longer the team deliberated about him.

Chu mentioned that B.O.B quickly became “an essential part of the fantasy of the character” and because of that, the creative team went “above and beyond” to make him a doable reality for the FPS experience.

It was important to make him stand on his own though and not just be a random addition, which makes his purpose as Ashe’s Ultimate attack even better. The best part is though he is part of another hero, he easily has his own personality and offers something special to each match.

Now seeing that same style and deliberation in cat form is just … for people that have no words, we’re writing a lot of them. Still, it’s precious, it’s perfect, and now I demand an event where all of the heroes are cats for some reason. Just … one week, give this to me – please, Jeff Kaplan.

As for the game itself in the way it’s supposed to be played, Overwatch is now available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Still no Nintendo Switch yet, but we’re keeping hope alive.