External storage for the PS4 has been an option for a while now, and a much quicker solution than installing a larger hard drive or SSD inside the PS4. Most USB 3.0 drives will work, but today PS4$299.00 at Amazonowners got a new, official option courtesy of Seagate.

Seagate has been offering its Game Drive external hard drives aimed at console games for years now, with 1TB, 2TB, and 4TB capacities already available for the PS4. But the new Game Drive launched today is different because it’s an officially licensed product. That means it will match the look of your PS4 right down to the PlayStation logo on the casing.

In return for $89.99, Seagate is offering a 2TB drive which holds approximately 50 games. That’s based on each game requiring 39GB of storage space, so you could get a lot more on there depending on the types of game you choose to play.

Setting up the drive is as easy as plugging it in via the supplied USB cable, which also doubles as a power cable for the unit. As long as your PS4 is running system software 4.50 or greater, setup will happen automatically and takes about three minutes to complete. Seagate claims this Game Drive is as fast as the internal drive, so there’s no disadvantage in that regard. If you regularly visit a friend’s house to play games, you can take the Game Drive with you. As long as you sign into your friend’s console using your account, the games stored on the drive will be accessible.

2TB external drives cost around $60-$65, so you are paying a premium price for this official version of the Game Drive. However, Seagate already has an unofficial version of the 2TB Game Drive available to purchase and that costs $79.99. It seems likely the official model will enjoy the same price drop once retailers get their hands on it.