Spider-Man: Far From Home producer Amy Pascal speaks on the decision to update classic characters for the big screen.

The new Spider-Man trilogy hasn’t been shy about taking classic characters and reworking them for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This was somewhat of a risk for Sony and Marvel Studios, but co-producer Amy Pascal believes it’s paying off.

Pascal told ComicBook.com that these vintage Spider-Man characters, which were originally creations of Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, were made to change with the times. In switching things up, Pascal believes she is merely following the lead of comic book creators who have put their own spin on the wall-crawler’s supporting characters:

“I think that they’re the great thing about what Stan and Steve did, is that they are characters that can be reinterpreted. It’s 1962, it’s a long time for something to remain fresh, and yet it’s been able to. I think that’s because just like all of the artist who did all of the various spectacular, amazing, ultimate, everything have been able to reinterpret these kind of classical characters. We’re able to do that, too.”

While Pascal didn’t grow up reading comics, she admits she quickly fell in love with the character of Peter Parker after Sony producer Avi Arad began developing a Spider-Man film at Sony in the late ’90s:

“Oh, you think I was born a comic book nerd? I was not. Avi Arad, when he first brought Spider-Man to Sony, which was in the late ’90s, I’m like, ‘I like that Peter Parker character,’ because I could relate to Peter Parker. I understood him. He’s just a normal kid with the same problem, money problems, love problems, family problems, the same stuff that everybody has. I could completely relate to him.”

Marvel Studios has updated a number of characters for the MCU, ranging from Doctor Strange’s Wong to Black Panther’s M’Baku. Although the characters weren’t entirely overhauled, key changes were made so they would better translate to the big screen.

Michael Keaton’s Vulture further proved that Marvel Studios can revitalize a character. Not only did the studio manage to make Adrian Toomes grounded and relatable, but he was also a far cry from the sometimes corny villain he was in the comics. Now, Jake Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio seems set to do the same. It’s likely Quentin Beck will end up becoming a villain in Spider-Man: Far From Home but, with the trailers touting him as an ally of Peter Parker, it appears there will be layers to him.NEXT: Spider-Man: Far From Home: 15 fan theories

Based on early reviews, Gyllenhaal gives a standout performance, and most of this can probably be contributed to the changes to his characterization. Given these reactions, Sony and Marvel Studios will likely continue to alter characters. Spider-Man: Far From Home swings into theaters on July 2.