Perhaps one of the biggest surprise releases last year — one that took many people by that very same word/term and proved it was more than just riding the Minecraft bandwagon — was Dragon Quest Builders and from the looks of it, Square Enix have heeded the call and responded to the sizeable acclaim of one of the series’ perhaps [at first] odd spin-off titles.

During a recent multi-hour live-stream celebrating the series’ thirty-plus years, it was announced that the building-RPG hybrid would be getting a sequel. Dragon Quest Builders 2, though confirmed for PS4, will also be coming to Nintendo Switch. Some of the new elements introduced for the sequel include the ability to explore underwater as well as an entirely co-operative multiplayer aspect that was absent in the first game. So far there’s been no confirmed release date even for Japan — let alone any news on a Western localisation — but stay tuned as we learn more about what the sequel to this surprisingly entertaining spin-off has in store.

Square Enix Unveil Dragon Quest Builders 2, Coming to PS4 & Switch