It’s been a while since we covered Survarium, the Free-to-Play online first-person shooter made by Vostok Games, the Ukrainian studio founded by former S.T.A.L.K.E.R. developers.

The game, which is available on Steam Early Access, recently added its first cooperative story-driven mission with Update 0.50. To play this mission you’ll need access keys though, and we’ve got three thousand codes from Vostok Games. After you’ve picked a code from the giveaway below, follow these instructions:

  • Each code gives 3 Access Keys to play Team Mission.
  • If a player prefers to play Survarium via Steam he must enter the code on the game’s website using the Steam browser
  • The codes can be used for old and new accounts
  • One code per account. If someone else has already redeemed a code he will not be able to use it again
  • Redeem codes here:
  • My account – Add promo code – apply code
  • Bonuses of the codes are not awarded immediately, but within 5 to 30 minutes
  • Expire date: December 24th, 2017

Story mission tells about a conflict between Black Market and The Renaissance Army and also unveils the mystery about secret experiments which lead to the creation of the Forest.

Specifically for this mission developers created a new map with lots of both open and indoors locations. Developers tried to add an element of exploration into the game, and also let players interact with the world of Survarium.

The mission is designed for a squad of three players, and to successfully finish it players need to complete a set of tasks. At least one of the players must reach each of the checkpoints: then defeated squad members (if there are any) are resurrected and may continue. If all squad members are dead, the mission is failed.

While going through the mission players will learn the storyline, but the player can also find stashes containing various trophies which players will receive when the mission is successfully finished.

Survarium PvE Giveaway – Get A Taste of Story Missions