Admit it, you’ve been singing Country Roads since the very first reveal trailer of Fallout 76. Their remake of a classic has been stuck in everyone’s heads, and for good reason! The smooth melody is the perfect companion to the juxtaposition 76 offers, so why not have it in the game itself? Well, now you can thanks to this Fallout 76 mod!

The mod itself is pretty simple. According to its creator, “This mod Replaces the music in the main menu with “Take Me Home, Country Roads” by Bill Danoff as performed live at Georgetown University GEMA Rocks 2010.”

They added for those looking for the John Denver or the commissioned version, “In the optional files you can find the covers by John Denver as well as COPILOT that was commissioned by Bethesda and can be heard in game on the Appalachia radio.”

To check out how to install the mod (pretty easy), check out the listing on Nexus Mods right here. It even has Country Roads memes, which – I mean, bonus!

As for the game itself, Fallout 76 is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Though official mods are still not available, that hasn’t stopped players from making their own – as PC players so often do. Interested in learning more about the online Wasteland? We’ve got you covered:

“As of right now, I’m loving the hell out of it. Would I have loved a Fallout 5? Absolutely, but Fallout 76 is charming and it really is a fresh perspective on a franchise that didn’t necessarily need it, but it’s welcome nonetheless,” reads our review in-progress.

“I understand why many might not find it their particular cup of tea, but I’ve noticed a lot of naysayers haven’t given it a chance. The world “online” has become almost scary with all of the talk cheaters, hackers, and griefers. Many see “online” as a series jumping ship, but that’s not the case here. I feel like if you’re a fan of Fallout, this will surprise you by how much it feels familiar. Play by yourself, play solo, just play it your way knowing it’s not a Fallout 5, but something else entirely.”