Director Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman solo movie is a standalone adventure for Gal Gadot’s Diana Prince – one that goes back in time in the DC Extended Universe, to explore Diana’s experiences during World War 1. The trailer footage for Wonder Woman released so far has combined more fantastical elements with historical set pieces ands settings, suggesting that as far as the aesthetic of Jenkins’ movie goes, Wonder Woman is a far cry from Batman V Superman; the film in which Gadot made her screen debut as the iconic Amazonian warrior.

The final Wonder Woman trailer landed recently, highlighting more of Diana’s mystical background on her home island of Themyscira. This sets the stage for the appearance of more mythical figures in Jenkins’ film, chief among being the villainous Ares, God of War. Of course, Ares is not the only member of the Greek pantheon to be joining the DCEU during Wonder Woman 

Jenkins took to Twitter to confirm the identity of one particular Wonder Woman supporting cast member: American boxer Ann Wolfe. It turns out Wolfe is costarring in the film as Artemis, crossbow-wielding ally of Diana, as the following Tweet from Jenkins confirms:

Wonder Woman Movie Glowing Vambraces Wonder Woman Director Confirms Boxer Ann Wolfe is Artemis

Wolfe’s Wonder Woman role was first teased back in April of 2016, via a photo that showed her with Gadot and Connie Nelson, the latter of whom plays Diana’s mother in the movie. The retired boxer’s role has been unconfirmed until now, but casting the multi-title winning athlete in this fearsome role could be a masterstroke. Wolfe transitioning from fighter to actor moves her into an increasingly-expanding bracket of fighters-turned actors; one that also includes Ronda Rousey and Gina Carano, as recent additions.

It remains to be seen how much screen time Wolfe gets in Wonder Woman, as a good portion of the film takes place off the shores of Themyscira. There’s at least one battle set on the beaches of Themyscira however, which is where Artemis may come into her stride alongside her fellow Amazonians. With Robin Wright as General Antiope shown firing three arrows from a bow simultaneously in the Wonder Woman trailers, Jenkins now has us wondering what Wolfe’s version of Artemis is capable of.

Either way, Wolfe not only fits the bill for the Artemis character, but also the direction for the Wonder Woman movie itself. The film showcases a host of female talent in strong physical roles, once again raising the question as to whether or not women are the future of the DCEU.

Wonder Woman Director Confirms Boxer Ann Wolfe is Artemis